Top Knights 18 November 2016

By nexoScanner / November 18, 2016

I haven't seen such a random collection of powers in the Weekly Boss Battles for a while. 

The Weekly Boss Battles are a great way to find the Nexo Powers with the quickest damage potential.  Finishing a kill in under 30 seconds means each Top Knight only had time to charge and use 1 Nexo Power.  ​The problem is figuring out which power won them a spot as a Top Knight.

It seems like this week's Top Knights are just equipping whatever they feel like or they know a lot more than I do about what is effective at killing bosses.  Considering the fact that I've never been able to place in the top 4, the latter is most probable.

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Latest Batch of Collect Quests

By nexoScanner / November 12, 2016

The latest update of the Merlok 2.0 app caused the Quests to disappear.  Quests still exist, but we don't have any way of seeing what the quests are or what is required to complete the quests.  The general strategy is to acquire as many Nexo Shields as possible. 

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