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Official Release Date of Wave 3 Sets

By nexoScanner / December 22, 2016

The official release date for the Winter 2017 Nexo Knights sets in UK and other parts of Europe was 2 days ago, on December 20, 2016.  The Lego website updated today with images of some of the new sets along with US and Canadian release dates.

The US and Canadian Lego sites were updated.  Here is a list of sets that appeared.  All are scheduled for January 1 release.

  • Jestro's Headquarters #70352 for $89.99
  • Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster #70351 for $59.99
  • The Three Brothers #70350 for $29.99
  • Ruina's Rock & Roller #70349 for $19.99
  • Lance's Twin Jouster #70348 for $19.99
  • King's Guard Artillery #70347 for $9.99
  • Battle Suit Aaron #70364 for $9.99
  • Battle Suit Macy #70363 for $9.99
  • Battle Suit Lance #70366 for $9.99
  • Battle Suit Axl #70365 for $9.99
  • Battle Suit Clay #70362 for $9.99
  • ​Combo Nexo Powers Wave 1 #70372 for $3.99 per pack

That still leaves Lance vs Lightning and Aaron's Stone Destroyer without an official release date.

The Battle Suits are looking to be very economical sets.  5 Nexo Powers with each set (3 brand new powers for each set) and the ability to combine with some of the small sets makes the Battle Suits and the  cheaper sets attractive and gives a lot of playability.

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Merlok 2.0 Update Available for Android

By nexoScanner / December 15, 2016

Less than 1 week before the UK release of the new Nexo Knights Lego sets and a Merlok 2.0 update has finally arrived for Android devices.  It appears that Apple users don't have the update yet, but Lego will have to release the update before December 20, when the new sets are officially scheduled to be on shelves.  I have heard a couple of reports that the new sets are already on sale in a few areas. 

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Top Knights 18 November 2016

By nexoScanner / November 18, 2016

I haven't seen such a random collection of powers in the Weekly Boss Battles for a while. 

The Weekly Boss Battles are a great way to find the Nexo Powers with the quickest damage potential.  Finishing a kill in under 30 seconds means each Top Knight only had time to charge and use 1 Nexo Power.  ​The problem is figuring out which power won them a spot as a Top Knight.

It seems like this week's Top Knights are just equipping whatever they feel like or they know a lot more than I do about what is effective at killing bosses.  Considering the fact that I've never been able to place in the top 4, the latter is most probable.

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2017 Battle Suit Nexo Knights

By nexoScanner / November 9, 2016

Be sure to check out the other 2017 Nexo Knights sets (courtesty of

Detailed pics of next year's Battle Suite Nexo Knights.  I'm not impressed.  BUT, it's something new.  I guess the Star Wars buildable figs must have been popular.  5 Nexo Powers appear to be packed with each Battle Suit, 3 new powers and 2 recycled powers.  We also get to see the triple shield holders up close.

Aaron's Battle Suit gets a modified 4-shield holder and Lance's Battle Suit gets inline skates. Jumbo-sized weapons for Clay, Macy, and Axl...very nice.​

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2017 Nexo Knights Sets – Sneak Peak

By nexoScanner / November 9, 2016, a German site just posted pics of 2017 Nexo Knights sets.

Be sure to check out the new Nexo Knights Battle Suits (courtesy of


70347 - King's Guard Artillery

Looks similar to $10 sets from the first 2 waves.​  New enemy, new trans-orange pauldrons/shoulder pads. The most interesting is the "Combine Your Powers" logo in the corner.  We saw a blurry catalog picture of these a couple of months ago.  This should be an interesting addition to the Merlok 2.0 game.


70348 - Lance's Twin Jouster

A sleek new trike for Lance. Rogul, a new enemy and a new shoulder pad armor piece.  1 new Nexo Power.


70349 - Ruina's Lock & Roller

A new bad guy, the first evidence of upside down "forbidden powers". Looks like Queen Halbert is going to get her hands dirty and Aaron gets a new Nexo Power.


70350 - The Three Brothers

Can't make out the brothers names, but I only see 2.  Does this mean that the vehicle is the 3rd brother?  New gray globlins, another upside down Forbidden Power and 1 new Nexo Power for Axl.


70351 - Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster

I like planes, and this looks very nice.  Kind of reminds me of the Avenger's Quinjet.  Some kind of gargoyle maxi-fig, a 3rd Forbidden Power and 2 new Nexo Powers for Clay and three 6-shooters (great way to lose 1x1 studs).  There isn't any evidence of a 3-shield holder.  Perhaps that will only be available with a buildable Nexo Figure.


70352 - Jestro's Headquarters

This set makes me wonder what happened to Jestro's Volcano Lair.  With the large number of minifigs in this set, this is probably the largest set for wave 3.  Jestro gets a new outfit, we see another Forbidden Power and it looks like  4 new Nexo Powers.​


70359 - Lance vs Lightning

Another maxifig.  I guess Sparkks and Burnzie need to make way for season 3 bad guys.​ The box looks great, but the set pic looks a bit disappointing.

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Nexo Knights Shield Collection Status

By nexoScanner / November 1, 2016
Shields Found

The December update to Merlok 2.0 increased entire entire  Shield Collection to 323 shields.
If you are looking for a specific power, you can search our site using the power# or power name.​

Nexo Knight Shield Powers are used in Lego's Merlok 2.0 game to fight the evil Jestro and establish peace in Knighton.  Nexo Knight Shield Powers are gained by scanning special Lego pieces with the Merlok 2.0 app.  After you scan a Nexo Knight Shield, your Nexo Knights will have access to new abilities that will help you fight the invading hordes of monsters.

Nexo Knights is a Lego theme launched in January 2016.  The storyline follows the adventures of 5 young nights: Clay Moorington, Aaron Fox, Lance Richmond, Macy Halbert, and Axl as they protect the kingdom of Knighton from the evil Jestro and the sentient Book of Monsters. The Nexo Knights theme is unique because in addition to Lego sets, a cartoon series, and other merchandise, Lego has introduced an app for phones and portable devices that can be used to scan special Lego pieces to unlock special Nexo Knight Powers in the game.

The Merlok 2.0 app is growing in popularity and by visiting, you can be sure to find all of the Nexo Knight Shield Powers as soon as they are discovered.

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