Top Knights 2 December 2016


Where attention goes, energy flows, and results show.  I learned a lot by checking out the Top Knights' Nexo Powers this week. 


Lavaria was the featured boss in last week's Boss Battle.  It's been a while since we've seen  3 Top Knights use the exact same Nexo Powers.  It is difficult to make it into the Top 4 list, but you can learn which powers work well together by looking at the Top Knights list at the end of the week and testing out the power combinations.

Veil of Concealment has been a long time favorite as a quick charging power and it hits for very high damage.

The other 3 Nexo Powers that Allesandro used charge at almost the same time.  Prism of Clarity charges first and should kill most bosses by itself, but if it doesn't, Skunk Stench and Croc Tears charge fully about 1 second after Prism of Clarity.


I'm not entirely sure, but it looks like your knight's Weapon Skill and the # of attacks that hit both affect how quickly your Nexo Powers charge.  Axl has the highest Weapon Skill, but he's slow, so it takes a while to charge his Nexo Powers.  My Macy has the highest Weapon Skill and she charges Nexo Powers the fastest for me, but it's still not fast enough to get into the Top 4 list.  The Weapon and Helmet both increase your Weapon Skill, so if you want to rank higher on the Top Knights list, power up these skills first.

  • Veil of Concealment - a common Nexo Power for the weekly boss battles.   The first hit you make while invisible does a TON of damage and it is one of the fastest charging Nexo Powers.
  • Fist Smash - charges almost as fast as Veil of Concealment. If Veil doesn't kill the boss for you, following up with Fist Smash surely will.
  • Arrow Strike - this is the slowest charging power of the 3. If you have to use this power, you have exceeded 25 seconds and won't be anywhere near the Top 4.
  • Prism of Clarity - I couldn't get this fully charged any quicker than 20 seconds, but it does high damage.
  • Skunk Stench - charges almost immediately after Prism of Clarity. Although you probably won't need to use this power.
  • Croc Tears - charges almost immediately after Prism of Clarity.
  • General Magmar appears to be the next Boss Battle.  His Siege Machine of Doom move around a lot and its attacks can do a lot of damage, so it will probably be a little harder to get quick kill times.

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I recently emerged from my Dark Ages and started buying/playing with Lego again. I enjoyed the Legends of Chima and Ninjago cartoon series, but have become obsessed with the new Nexo Knights line and spend a lot of time on the Merlok 2.0 game.