2017 Nexo Knights Sets – Sneak Peak


Promobricks.de, a German site just posted pics of 2017 Nexo Knights sets.

Be sure to check out the new Nexo Knights Battle Suits (courtesy of hothbricks.com).


70347 - King's Guard Artillery

Looks similar to $10 sets from the first 2 waves.​  New enemy, new trans-orange pauldrons/shoulder pads. The most interesting is the "Combine Your Powers" logo in the corner.  We saw a blurry catalog picture of these a couple of months ago.  This should be an interesting addition to the Merlok 2.0 game.


70348 - Lance's Twin Jouster

A sleek new trike for Lance. Rogul, a new enemy and a new shoulder pad armor piece.  1 new Nexo Power.


70349 - Ruina's Lock & Roller

A new bad guy, the first evidence of upside down "forbidden powers". Looks like Queen Halbert is going to get her hands dirty and Aaron gets a new Nexo Power.


70350 - The Three Brothers

Can't make out the brothers names, but I only see 2.  Does this mean that the vehicle is the 3rd brother?  New gray globlins, another upside down Forbidden Power and 1 new Nexo Power for Axl.


70351 - Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster

I like planes, and this looks very nice.  Kind of reminds me of the Avenger's Quinjet.  Some kind of gargoyle maxi-fig, a 3rd Forbidden Power and 2 new Nexo Powers for Clay and three 6-shooters (great way to lose 1x1 studs).  There isn't any evidence of a 3-shield holder.  Perhaps that will only be available with a buildable Nexo Figure.


70352 - Jestro's Headquarters

This set makes me wonder what happened to Jestro's Volcano Lair.  With the large number of minifigs in this set, this is probably the largest set for wave 3.  Jestro gets a new outfit, we see another Forbidden Power and it looks like  4 new Nexo Powers.​


70359 - Lance vs Lightning

Another maxifig.  I guess Sparkks and Burnzie need to make way for season 3 bad guys.​ The box looks great, but the set pic looks a bit disappointing.

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I recently emerged from my Dark Ages and started buying/playing with Lego again. I enjoyed the Legends of Chima and Ninjago cartoon series, but have become obsessed with the new Nexo Knights line and spend a lot of time on the Merlok 2.0 game.