Dead Phone – Nexo Power Update #240


This is more of a rant than a real update.  My LG phone died recently, a casualty of the dreaded LG Bootloop Issue.  Luckily, I had about 10 days left on the manufacturer's 1-year warranty.  

My cellphone carrier replaced the phone for me, but I'm still trying to re-install apps and re-configure my replacement phone.  Naturally, while I was busy messing with my phone, a whole bunch of Nexo Powers appeared.  I lost a bunch of shields in the game and I'm working on scanning them again.  

There are about 4-5 new Nexo Powers for each Knight. Between today and Saturday, each knight's new Nexo Powers will be added, one knight per day...does that make sense?  ​

Stop by every day and scan the new powers.

BTW, if you own an LG phone: G5, V10, or V20, you should look into the bootloop issue.  Just so that you know what's going.  Figure out you bought your phone, and when the 1-year warranty runs out, and find your receipt. I've heard reports that LG has repaired phones that have the bootloop issue even though they are beyond the 1-year warranty (your experience may vary).

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I recently emerged from my Dark Ages and started buying/playing with Lego again. I enjoyed the Legends of Chima and Ninjago cartoon series, but have become obsessed with the new Nexo Knights line and spend a lot of time on the Merlok 2.0 game.