Official Release Date of Wave 3 Sets

Nexo Knights Wave 3 US Release Date

The official release date for the Winter 2017 Nexo Knights sets in UK and other parts of Europe was 2 days ago, on December 20, 2016.  The Lego website updated today with images of some of the new sets along with US and Canadian release dates.

The US and Canadian Lego sites were updated.  Here is a list of sets that appeared.  All are scheduled for January 1 release.

  • Jestro's Headquarters #70352 for $89.99
  • Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster #70351 for $59.99
  • The Three Brothers #70350 for $29.99
  • Ruina's Rock & Roller #70349 for $19.99
  • Lance's Twin Jouster #70348 for $19.99
  • King's Guard Artillery #70347 for $9.99
  • Battle Suit Aaron #70364 for $9.99
  • Battle Suit Macy #70363 for $9.99
  • Battle Suit Lance #70366 for $9.99
  • Battle Suit Axl #70365 for $9.99
  • Battle Suit Clay #70362 for $9.99
  • ​Combo Nexo Powers Wave 1 #70372 for $3.99 per pack

That still leaves Lance vs Lightning and Aaron's Stone Destroyer without an official release date.

The Battle Suits are looking to be very economical sets.  5 Nexo Powers with each set (3 brand new powers for each set) and the ability to combine with some of the small sets makes the Battle Suits and the  cheaper sets attractive and gives a lot of playability.

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