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Nexo Knights Quest – The Knights of Knighton

By nexoScanner / January 21, 2016

The Knights of Knighton Quest can be completed.

003-Stronghold of Resolution

003-stronghold of resolution

110-Swift Sting

110-swift sting

201-Rushing Strike

201-rushing strike

311-Thunder Blaze

311-thunder blaze

410-Raging Rally

410-raging rally

Reward: 5000 bits

Scan each of the required shields. As long as you have all of the required shields (0 power level is sufficient), you can collect the Quest Reward.

  • Go to the Shield screen in the game
  • ​Tap on the "Quest" button
  • Slide/Scroll to the appropriate quest
  • If all of the required shields are lit up tap on the chest to collect your reward

If 1 or more shields are faded, you have not scanned all of the necessary shields.

If there is a number in front of the chest, that means you have already collected that reward.

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