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006-Sea Dragon


Expect a wet greeting from this dragon!

Leave a trail of water behind you as you walk.  After a few seconds, a tidal wave sweeps through your water trail and inflicts massive damage to any enemies that are on your water trail.

Tip: walk around the screen as much as you can.  The longer your water trail is, the longer the tidal wave will move around and the more damage you can inflict.

006-sea dragon
5-star Sea Dragon QR code
#006 -Sea Dragon

This QR Code will upgrade your Nexo Power to 5 Stars. Each time this page is refreshed, a new code 24-hour QR Code will be generated.​

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If you receive the "time zone error message", click on your offset to generate a new code for your timezone.

If your region uses Daylight Saving Time, you may need to click on the time zone that is 1 hour earlier to get a QR code that will work.

Sea Dragon

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